Tourism For Developing Countries

There are many obstacles when the poor are looking for employment choices. Being secluded geographically, experiencing political isolation are only some of these issues the underprivileged face every day.
One way to address these problems is to start thinking about creating more employment opportunities.

A few factors need to be considered that could enable the poor to manage their skills and resources into generating income and succeed. Mostly, governments are responsible for creating opportunities for the people, and also businesses need to engage in a positive change by challenging the obstacles. Companies have the ability to influence global markets and the economy.

What Can businesses do?

The program is to explore key strategies that they can apply in order to develop economic opportunity:
  • Developing human capital through initiatives that can improve the individual's education, health, and skills.
  • Creating inclusive business models by involving the job seekings in responsible jobs.
  • Build institutional capacity by reinforcing associations with more organizations that can play a role in affecting positive changes.
  • Help and optimize regulations and policies that improve inclusion of the poor. 

Tourism As A Solution

Many developing countries can benefit greatly from the improvement and the developing of more tourism economy. Countries in Africa, for example, can benefit from the growth of more tourism opportunities that can create more employment and in general create more cash flow to those areas. More hotels, restaurants, spa's and more are a great incentive for more business tourism that can help the economy to grow and prosper.