Cyber Security

Everyone has a smartphone, that's a fact! we are living in a digital world and today the physical and the digital are intersecting more than befoe. The Internet has grown and accelerated and now connects billions of devices in homes. offices, and roads around the world. Technology like driverless cars and big data analyses give third-parties access to private information that could compromise us. Because of the growing popularity of today's advanced technology, obvious dangers are being ignored.

What Lurks In The Cyber World

Hackers causing vehicles to be recalled and spying groups exploiting trust relationships are only some of the big dangers that the digital world brings. Also, big companies and corps that monitor the average citizen every digital move. A lot of research is being done with the aim of studying and finding solutions. Recent studies revealed:

  • Websites track behavior and movements of users who have no control over being monitored.
  • Not many options to limit data breaches exists.
  • Even the most private individuals are being monitored.
  • There is a drastic need for the technology sector in order to focus on the problem. 

Who Is At Risk?

Consumers and companies are at risk! Although, a consumer can't do much in order to control their data once the pot-in to some relations with the 
company, there are some protective actions you can take today:
  • Try using different passwords for different sites and services.
  • Don't download apps you don't need or use.
  • Use software that blocks.
  • Delete your browser cookies.  
For companies, it is even more hard to maintain safety. The best advice for any company is to seek help from a cyber safety professional. 

Global Issues

It's a known fact that serious issues with digital safety exist, but who needs to look after these cyber security threats? there is a massive lack of trained security experts. Research shows that one million skilled security workers are required to protect the digital data of businesses. Policies have major exceptions and don't exclude policyholders from protecting their data. Something needs to be done in order to protect the economy that could be affected greatly in the future. A good place to start is by gathering data and leveraging research in order to explore new ways in seeking the solution to cyber security threats.